Giotto's Campanile | SteBrick

Giotto's Campanile

Design by Luca Petraglia

Complete set in Lego® Bricks

Bring a piece of Florence in your home, with this beautiful MOC of Santa Maria del Fiore bell tower.

Stebrick moc masters designers series limited edition product - 100 copies

  • 15.000 Original Lego® Bricks
  • Divided by Types and Colors
  • Divided in 3 Macro Blocks
  • Dimensions in Inches: W: 10,2 L: 10,2 H: 41,7
  • Dimensions in Cm: W: 26 L: 26 H: 106
  • High Quality Printed Instructions in the form of a hardcover exclusive book
  • No Digital instructions
  • Limited Edition just 100 copies available!
  • Printed Label with your exclusive copy number!
  • Digital Instructions of the Model will never be published

Exclusive Display Case (Sold separately)

Highlight and protect your Giotto's Campanile with the exclusive Display Case

  • Crafted from 6mm thick transparent AKRYLON® panels
  • Features a 6mm thick premium black AKRYLON® base
  • Customized with the model name laser-engraved
  • Includes a digital video guide for easy assembly


Just 100 copies available!

    Bring a piece of Italian art in your home

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    Complete Set

    15.000 Lego® Bricks
    € 3.750,00
    70/100 pieces available