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This policy governs the use of STEBRICK products on social media platforms or public events, and in all situations where a STEBRICK model is displayed.

It establishes guidelines to ensure proper attribution of credit and promote respect for the work of the model designers.

An appropriate example of credit to provide on social media posts or on any web page:

STEBRICK Model Design by (Name of the Designer) Assembled by (Your Name)

Always include a link to the STEBRICK social media page based on the platform being used:





Correct usage example of a STEBRICK model during a public event, fair, or exhibition where the model is assembled and displayed:

STEBRICK Model Design by (Name of the Designer) Assembled by (Your Name)

In general, we advise following these guidelines:

  • Designer Credit: Whenever a STEBRICK model is shared on social media or any other online platform, the user must provide proper credit to the original designer of the model. The credit should be indicated as follows: "STEBRICK Model Design by [Designer's Name]."
  • Assembler Credit: If the user has assembled the STEBRICK model, he/she may also add his/her own name as the assembler. The credit should be provided in the following format: "Assembled by [Assembler's Name]."
  • Appropriate Labeling: Whenever a STEBRICK model is published online, the user must ensure to include the model's name and the STEBRICK brand in the post or description, correctly identifying the product as part of our model line.
  • Moderation and Respect for Intellectual Property: Users are responsible for the content they share on social media and must ensure that their posts do not violate any copyright or intellectual property rights of third parties. Any sharing that does not respect the intellectual property rights of STEBRICK or the model designers will be removed and may result in disciplinary action.
  • Use of the STEBRICK Brand: Users must not use the STEBRICK brand or company logo in a misleading or inappropriate manner, nor should they imply that their content is official or sponsored by STEBRICK without explicit authorization.
  • Feedback and Collaboration: We encourage users to share constructive feedback, ideas, and suggestions regarding our models and products. Constructive comments and interactions are welcome, but respect and courtesy towards other STEBRICK community members are required.
  • Changes and Updates: This policy is subject to changes and updates without prior notice. Users are encouraged to regularly check the most recent version of the policy to ensure compliance with current guidelines.

The goal is to ensure that the work of the model designers is correctly acknowledged on all social media platforms and that the STEBRICK brand is appropriately identified in shared posts. Users are encouraged to carefully follow these guidelines to respect intellectual property rights and promote proper and responsible usage of STEBRICK products.

STEBRICK® is a Registered Trademark

All references made to the trademark "STEBRICK®" within this document or any related material are to be understood as the registered trademark of its respective owner.

"STEBRICK®" is a protected trademark of Stefano Mapelli, registered under the applicable laws and regulations governing intellectual property rights.

The use of the trademark "STEBRICK®" is permitted solely and exclusively for products purchased directly from that consist of official LEGO® bricks.

Any other use of the trademark "STEBRICK®" is strictly prohibited and requires prior written consent from the trademark owner. Unauthorized use of the trademark in any other context may lead to legal action and may result in the enforcement of rights and remedies available under the law.

The trademark "STEBRICK®" may not be used in any manner that could potentially cause confusion or mislead the public regarding its origin, source, or sponsorship. It is the responsibility of all users to ensure that the trademark "STEBRICK®" is used appropriately and in compliance with this disclaimer.

For further information about the proper use of the trademark "STEBRICK®" or to seek permission for any other use, please contact the trademark owner or the authorized representatives.

The owners of the trademark "STEBRICK®" reserve the right to modify or update this disclaimer at their discretion. It is the responsibility of all users to stay informed about the most recent version of this disclaimer.

This disclaimer is an integral part of any material or communication that includes the trademark "STEBRICK®" and must be acknowledged and respected accordingly.

Date: July 1st 2023